ESF COSLAB Network Conference

Disorder and Topological Defects,

a Helium Primer

17-22 December 2004, Chamrousse, Grenoble (France)



The solid mass of Belledonne kept all its purity and offered to CHAMROUSSE its more beautiful site.
CHAMROUSSE beating it: Chamrousse, this name made the turn of the world, carried by the Olympic Games of 1968.

Dominating Grenoble of its 1700 meters, Chamrousse is marvellously located at the South of the Solid mass of Belledonne, vis-a-vis Oisans, Vercors and Chartreuse.
The station gathers two sites :

  • Recoin Located At CHAMROUSSE 1650
  • Roche-Béranger Located At CHAMROUSSE 1750.



The skiable field enables you to pass from one site to the other, offering to you thus more than 70 kilometres of tracks. Chamrousse, of the values of authenticity and naturalness. The ski with the traditional direction, in term of technicality and tranquillity. You will find all the trade and services on the two sites.


The current weather one can see on webcam


The symposium will take place in hotel “La Datcha”, the typical French family hotel. Its web page :





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