2007 - 2010: Marie Curie Advanced Cryogenics Course



The scheme is open to participants from all European laboratories, and (with certain conditions) to external participants: please check the eligibility criteria for each type of event.

Two courses and two conferences will take place during this period, thanks to the financial support of the Marie Curie programme of the CEE.

The courses are open to PhD students, post-docs, young technicians and engineers with an interest in cryogenic applications over a wide range of topics (low temperature physics, cryogenic industry, particle detection, large scale facilities, space applications and so forth).

They will be excellent opportunities for young researchers to learn about fundamental and industrial issues in Cryogenics from experts in the field. There will be ample time for discussion.
In the spirit of a "hands-on" approach, several practical works will be undertaken under the supervision of the scientific and technical staff.

The Cryoconferences will allow young researchers (PhDs, post-docs) to present and discuss their results in Cryophysics and Cryogenics.

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